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Society, Sustainability and Digital Transformation
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Sustainability and Digital Transformation

18 August 2022

Students at FCT NOVA must be aware of sustainability and digital transformation challenges. Therefore, the Society, Sustainability and Digital Transformation course is compulsory for all FCT students. The course includes three modules, taught by professors from the department of Applied Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, and Computer Science.

The Society module includes topics related with globalization, mobility and justice, cybersecurity, and human enhancement and addresses different aspects of globalization and how it impacts future generations.

In the Sustainability module, the students will be trained in developing future visions to deal with the complexity towards sustainability pathways. Topics like limits of growth and the implications of production and consumption patterns, green growth and sustainable degrowth are debated towards aspects of climate change, ocean pollution and others.

The Digital Transformation module engage the students to reflect on how digital technologies is a change maker factor, while looking at the digital future, considering also social aspects, through practical cases in work life, leisure and social organisations.