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Raising awareness for green labs

21 February 2023

As a research-focused university, NOVA has many laboratories, namely wet labs – research facilities involving the use of chemicals, biological and other hazardous materials. The environmental footprint of these labs cannot be overlooked since they are responsible for the consumption and disposal of large quantities of resources.

This was the touchstone of the webinar “Sustainable Laboratories”, held on 17 February, featuring Cristina Azevedo, researcher and current director of the New Biopesticides Department of the InnovPlantProtect Collaborative Laboratory. With a career of over twenty years in research in the UK, Cristina shared her knowledge and best practices around sustainability in laboratories with more than 100 NOVA researchers.

“This is the start of a very exciting pathway, as we are in the process of building an ecosystem of green labs at NOVA, aligned with the University’s strategy towards sustainability” affirmed Júlia Seixas, Pro-Rector for Sustainability at NOVA. “The webinar raises awareness of the importance of good practices in the laboratory setting and provides lab personnel with the knowledge and tools to make positive changes in their work”, the Professor added. By adjusting and adopting sustainable practices, wet labs can reduce their environmental impact, save money and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.