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NOVA’s sustainable buildings

10 September 2022

The preservation of buildings is part of NOVA’s environmental commitment and NOVA’s Organic Units have facilities’ teams dedicated to each building, working together to increase their Environmental Sustainability. The growing perception of a financial positive impact from preventive maintenance of buildings has facilitated this decision making process. The user experience is improved and its negative impact on the planet is reduced.
The EcoAp program , by ADENE (a mobilizing agent for the energy transition), is one of NOVA’s priorities, facilitating the systematic collection of data on the consumption of its buildings. EcoAp 2030 Efficiency Plan was submitted in 2022 aiming at reducing energy, water and material consumption for the entire university.

The NOVA Smart Campus Living Lab Project at Campolide Campus is one of NOVA’s instruments for innovation in products and services aimed at sustainable and intelligent spaces. It provides the entire area of the Campus with a technological infrastructure and a platform that aggregates data. An intelligent irrigation system and respective management platform have already been installed, aligning the irrigation process to weather forecasts and measuring consumption in real time. In times of water scarcity, these systems promote efficient water management.