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18 August 2022

Road transport is now a $5 trillion industry. Almost any goods that move passes through the back of a truck. Road transport today moves more than 16 billion ton-km of goods and it will triple in the next 30 years, to 44 billion ton-km. Currently, trucks represent only 2% of road vehicles but are responsible for 22% of greenhouse gas emissions on roads, making them one of the biggest polluters in the world.

Meight spin-off from NOVA, developed solutions to make road freight companies having full digital control on their operation and seamlessly share data with all supply chain stakeholders. Moreover, technologies from Meight allow predicting, monitoring and managing vehicle energy consumption. It is the only patented technology to identify inefficiencies on each trip, and to predict them, thus helping drivers to adjust their behavior in real time.

The digital solutions by Meight reduces substantially energy consumption and improves the ecological footprint of fleets.