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Green areas are 60% of NOVA’s campi

10 November 2022

NOVA offers its community a wide range of open spaces, especially green areas, which represent 60% of the total area of NOVA’s Campi (table below). These are pleasant places for people to work, study, and socialize, and are available to the internal and external community as well, free of charge.

Some of them are by the beach, such as the Carcavelos and Caparica Campi, others integrate national parks like the Oeiras Campus, located at Estação Agronómica de Oeiras. Pedestrians are given priority on campus, only the Caparica Campus has internal roads.

Green areas at the NOVA campi total 494,167 m2 (square meters) and are divided as follows:

  • Caparica Campus | 419,464 m2
  • Junqueira Campus | 14,589 m2
  • Carcavelos Campus | 30,945 m2
  • Lumiar Campus| 8,193 m2
  • Santana Campus| 1,569 m2
  • Avenida de Berna Campus| 1,207 m2
  • Oeiras Campus | 1,293 m2
  • Campolide Campus| 16,907 m2