João Sàágua
Rector of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA)

NOVA University is a global and civic university strongly committed to the sustainable development of our society, a priority challenge of this century. NOVA recognizes the need for systemic changes in society and in the economy with a view to the ecological balance of the Planet and to the reduction of social inequalities, to promote well-being, development and happiness, both personal and collective. Based on its Mission and Vision, and on its Strategic Plan as well, NOVA has the power to be a change-maker, through innovative education, research and innovation with a purpose, and to lead by example.
NOVA 4 the Globe platform seeks to promote interdisciplinary across the scientific areas of its nine schools, around three main domains: education, research and value creation, and to facilitate organizational transformation for the implementation of best sustainability practices. NOVA 4 the Globe, with representatives from its schools, supports the design, planning and implementation of NOVA’s sustainability agenda, anchored in two key aspects, impact and relevance.
Together with its community and stakeholders, from governments to industries and society at large, NOVA is willing to work every day to deliver fruitful contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal. We owe this to our students, to our youngsters and to the future generations.

Partnerships & networks

Know more about some of our networks and strategic partnerships with a focus on Sustainability:

The strategic partnership between Nova University Lisbon and Lancaster University was formally established in June 2018, when Lancaster and NOVA University Lisbon signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Lisbon. This partnership explores opportunities for collaborative research, joint teaching initiatives and strategic knowledge exchange, staff development and student recruitment.
Visit the dedicated website for more details: NOVA-Lancaster for Sustainability

The strategic partnership was formally established in June 2019, when Aga Khan University and NOVA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Lisbon. The agreement aims to facilitate collaboration in various fields including health sciences, humanities, media and communications ans sustainability.

The Memorandum aims to promote and strengthen the partnership between the two institutions in order to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations, promote knowledge through research, and to promote international and cross-cultural cooperation and understanding.

Rede Campus Sustentável – Portugal

NOVA signed the Letter of Intent of the Sustainable Campus Network, assuming its public commitment to principles and practices of sustainability in higher education. Know more here.

EcoCampus is a concept that reflects the adaptation of the international Eco-Schools program in higher education, the largest global sustainable schools programme. Eco-Schools actively support students by fostering critical problem solving skills, systems thinking and preparing them to become future decision-makers and tackle sustainability challenges in life and in the workforce.
4 Academic Units participate in the program, and 3 were awarded a green flag, distinguishing their efforts and commitments to become more sustainable (NMSFCSH, and FCT).

The idea of ​​this project arises from the increasing relevance of social responsibility, not only in the business and corporate area, but also in other organizations in our society, namely in Higher Education Institutions.

Visit the website and know more.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa ranks 53rd worldwide in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2021, reflecting its commitment to sustainable practice and research in all areas of knowledge.

NOVA ranks second in Portugal and, among young European universities, ranks 6th.